Big Easy Estate Sales rocked it with our massive moving sale! Patrick and I want to thank Jonathan Wells for making the entire process go so smoothly. And you sold EVERYTHING! We couldn't have done it without your expertise, organization and impeccable salesmanship.
--Butler, B., Irish Channel, New Orleans                                                                                

Big Easy's crew and especially Jonathan were extremely honest, helpful, and professional with my estate sale. They worked hard and definitely ran the sale without any problems. I highly recommend Big Easy Estate Sales.                
​--Meredith H., Uptown New Orleans

Client Testimonials

We highly recommend Jonathan Wells for your moving and estate sale! We were so very pleased with his expertise and professionalism. His research done to properly price items and collections and his displays were very impressive. He sold everything! And just as important, Jonathan was so personable and caring throughout the whole process, which made us very relaxed and comfortable. With utmost confidence, we recommend Big Easy Estate Sales for your sale! 
--Betty and Fred E., Uptown New Orleans

​​​​​My sister and I worked with Jonathan over the past year since our mother's passing in October of 2015. Jonathan expertly handles the estate sale for us and was always considerate in the disposition of our family belongings. Jonathan went beyond the normal "call of duty" to leave the house clean and ready for showing after the sale. He was willing to coordinate activities with our real estate agent in our absence. This was especially critical to us since we both live far from New Orleans. Jonathan was also willing to help us with the sale of items post the official estate sale date. This often necessitated his having to route items to auction houses, shipping facilities and even local charities over the course of the year. Jonathan has effectively communicated with us, promptly answering phone calls, text messages, etc. All in all we found Jonathan to be very honest, reliable and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend Jonathan Wells and Big Easy Estate Sales!
--Sandra C., Plano, Texas 

Jonathan Wells did an outstanding job with the estate sale of Luis' father, Dr. Louis Balart. We were thrilled by the outcome and so impressed with Jonathan's knowledge of articles and his organizing ability. We highly recommend him for any task!!! Thanks, Jonathan. We love you!!!!!

--Muffin and Dr. Luis B., Metairie, LA

Jonathan Wells is wonderful! This summer he took on the estate sale for my mother's home in uptown New Orleans, with complete respect for how difficult it was to relinquish a lifetime's collectables and furnishings. Jonathan was calm, thoughtful, and incredibly professional, as well as knowledgeable and creative. For much of the process, he worked with us from a distance, and all communications were detailed and clear. His handling of the mind-boggling layers and steps of the process, from talking through logistics, scheduling, staging, and so much more was done with finesse. He even worked with my mother on donating several pieces of art. While the situation was daunting, Jonathan knows how to turn daunting into something poetic. I'm beyond happy to have met and worked with him!     

--Karin D., Columbus, OH

I highly recommend Big Easy Estate Sales! Jonathan Wells and his staff were extremely professional and courteous. They went over a above my expectations. The sale went smoothly and organized. I was very impressed how Jonathan and his staff actually worked with the clients by selling the merchandise and then assisting them after the sale by wrapping and bagging and even loading items in vehicles. I can't express enough how relaxed and enjoyable this experience has been for me. Wish all of you the best!
--Brenda C., Belle Chasse, LA

​​​​​​Big Easy Estate Sales

Jonathan Wells, Owner 
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There are no words to express my amazement at, and gratitude for, Jonathan Wells of Big Easy Estate Sales. From start to finish, he turned the overwhelming task of divesting the home of my mother, Lyla Hay Owen, into a truly wonderful experience. His vast knowledge and detailed expertise, and the delicate care he took of everything he touched, truly was magical, not to mention lucrative. I give my highest recommendation to Jonathan and his team. Just hand over the keys and your worries are over!
--Robin Owen, New Orleans

Special thanks to Jonathan at Big Easy Estate Sales. He handled the John Curtis, Sr. estate sale and the Curtis family was extremely pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of Jonathan. What was an overwhelming and emotional task for us was handled perfectly by Jonathan. We would highly recommend Big Easy should you ever need an Estate Sale. Thank you Jonathan.
--Kathy R., River Ridge

I really can't sing Jonathan's praises enough, and highly recommend you work with him. He managed an estate sale for me, which is such an emotional process, and how he handled everything so respectfully and beautifully made a tough process much easier because I knew it was in good hands. His ability to stage all of the many items was just amazing and so tasteful; he really brought everything back to life. He has such a love and passion for antiques, which is very special, so he will know a lot about what you own, and what it's worth. He and his staff are so nice and knowledgeable, and he knows all of the right people to get a complex job done well. He knows how to price things well to sell, and get you the most for your dollar, and the sale is extremely organized and professional. And he can drive a huge amount of traffic due to his vast following. Honestly, it just doesn't get better than this when you are closing down a big part of your life. Working with him was one of the best decisions I've made since having to handle a massive estate.

--Elisabeth G., Uptown New Orleans

When I faced the reality of having to go through my recently deceased father and mother's (d.2004) things in the home in which they lived since 1964, I seriously considered jumping off of the Huey P. Long Bridge. My parents were Depression Era children and never threw away anything. Jonathan took on the project and me with grace, patience and professionalism. I say he took on "me," because this is an emotionally-packed minefield - dispersing with one's familys' things and Jonathan was always calm and thoughtful throughout. His knowledge of antiques is impressiveand he was able to separate out the valuable items from the salable kitsch from the junk which needed to be put on the curb for the garbage man! And, if he was unsure of an item's worth - he called in a specialist to be certain. When it came to the estate sale, I was astonished! He staged the pieces in such a fantastic way, I almost wanted to buy my own items back! My parents' home NEVER looked so good. When it came to the weekend of the sale, it was packed because of Jonathan's vast contacts which moved the merchandise. The end results were over-the-top, much more than I ever expected. I was beyond pleased. The thing that was most important for me (everyone has different goals) was to have an empty house in the end, due to the massive amount of things in the house and because I wanted to sell the house. Jonathan gave me a completely empty - broom swept clean - house! He sold most of the items but the items that were left, he donated to good causes. It isn't as easy to donate one's items as one would think, I learned and Jonathan made sure that every item had a "good home." Bottom line - Jonathan Wells is quite literally a magician, a gentleman magician. I don't know what I would have done without him and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you Jonathan! I will never truly be able to thank you adequately!     

--Shauna G., New Orleans