4801 St. Charles Avenue, Uptown

Carondolet Street, Old Mandeville

743 Camp Street, New Orleans

2427 Camp Street, New Orleans

The Blue Lady - 5718 St. Charles Avenue

1424 Fourth Street, New Orleans

Belle Alliance Estate
Donaldsonville, Louisiana
​May 2021

1208 Ursulines, Treme

Here you will see an archive of some of our past sales in and around New Orleans, including locations, staging photos, and before/staged/after photos. Creative staging and quality photos are one of the best testaments of a successful estate sale. A well presented sale, from organization and staging to advertising and promotion, is essential to any sale's success. Our team takes great pride in honoring one's possessions and personal property by creating a space that is appealing, yet accessible. The care that is taken into handling your possessions with creativity and style gives your personal property added value. We have proven this time and time again, continuing to get the best return for our clients. Our efforts show - our efforts pay off - each and every time. 

Sample silver, jewelry, accessories, etc.

  • Belle Alliance Estate, Donaldsonville, LA
  • 6 Garden Lane, Estate of Max Nathan
  • "The Blue Lady" 5718 St. Charles Avenue
  • 4801 St. Charles Avenue, Uptown
  • 2808 St. Charles Avenue, Garden District
  • 2401 Prytania, Garden District
  • 2523 Prytania, Garden District
  • ​1427 Second Street, Garden District  
  • ​1418 Third Street, Allain Bush home
  • 1424 Fourth Street, Garden District
  • 1430 Seventh Street, Garden District
  • 1029 Philip Street, Irish Channel
    1433 Philip Street, Garden District

  • ​2828 Camp Street, Garden District
  • 2601 Camp Street, Garden District
  • 2427 Camp Street, Garden District 
  • ​1216 Camp Street, Lower Garden District
  • 743 and 862 Camp Street, Arts District 
  • 547 Esplanade Avenue - Lanaux Mansion
  • 1160 City Park Avenue

2808 St. Charles Avenue, Garden District

Sale Archives

​​​​​​Big Easy Estate Sales

Jonathan Wells, Owner 
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1433 Philip Street, Garden District

Listed is a sample of just some of our past sale locations....

2601 Camp Street, Garden District

Various sample sales

  • Dominican Street, Black Pearl
  • ​Magazine Street
  • Audubon Street, Uptown
  • Calhoun Street, Uptown
  • Carrolton Avenue, Uptown
  • ​Soniat Street, Uptown 
  • ​Lowerline Street, Uptown
  • ​Joseph Street, Uptown
  • ​Annunciation Street, Uptown
  • ​Coliseum Street, Uptown
  • ​Robert Street, Uptown
  • ​Broadway Street, Uptown
  • Fontainebleau, Uptown
  • Freret Street, Uptown
  • ​State Street, Uptown
  • ​​Stilt Street, Lake Vista
  • Chartres Street, Marigny
  • Louisa Street, Bywater
  • Cuddihy Drive, Old Metairie
  • ​​Money Hill, Abita Springs