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​​​​​​What is an Estate Sale?

​An Estate Sale, often times referred to as a Tag Sale, is the liquidation and sale of someone's possessions, often referred to as Personal Property. There are many reasons to hold an estate sale, including downsizing, moving and relocating, or liquidating the possessions of a deceased family member. 

​​​​​​What type of sales do you take on?
​Many types of sales are considered. We mostly handle larger estates or smaller high quality homes and collections. Our availability often depends on scheduling and timing. If we are unable to take on your sale due to timing or preference, we will absolutely point you in the right direction and provide you with a quality referral to handle your estate sale. 

What areas do you take on sales?

Currently, we are only taking on sales in New Orleans proper; however, we do handle quality and historic properties anywhere outside of New Orleans.

Do you take on consignments?

We currently do not take on consignments or combine estates; however, feel free to call for advice and suggestions on selling smaller amounts of personal property.

How are the prices determined?
With decades of experience in dealing with objects combined with our knowledgeable consultants and valuable resources, we strategically and competitively price and market your personal property to sell. With great attention to detail, we devote a lot of time into pricing items at Fair Market Value. Research is key - we always research the current market so that we can position a more accurate price. Remember, our goal is sell and obtain the most for your personal property while reaching your transitional goals, creating a win-win for all.

Who attends your sales? 
Besides the quality of service we provide, our customers and followers are our best asset. Without them, we would not succeed. We have a strong following in New Orleans, with customers that line up hours in advance to be one of the first in line. Our customers mostly consists of collectors and "end users," those who buy for themselves and willing to pay for quality items. We also have a following of designers, dealers, shop owners, and friends in the Film Industry.

How do you advertise your sales?
Advertising and marketing is a forté, with years of experience in marketing. We strategically promote our sales through highly popular estate sale websites, social media, quality and professional e-mail blasts to our extensive list of return sale customers and followers, and signage in the neighborhood leading customers and 'passerbyers' to the sale. Please ask us to forward you a prior e-mail blast - you will enjoy seeing how we present and promote your sale and home. Request a sample e-blast by e-mailing

What Is there a charge for a consultation?

No. Your consultation and walk-through costs you nothing. As standard in this business, there are no up-front costs. Even if we are unable to take on your sale, we try to point you in the right direction and give the best possible advice.

What are your fees?
Our fees are based on a fair and standard percentage (commission rate) of the final gross sales and are based on various conditions of the house or estate. There are no up-front costs - our services costs you nothing until the sale and post-sale arrangements have been completed. We only quote percentages once the in-person walk-through has been completed. 

When can I expect payment?
Clients are paid by a business within one week of the sale's completion along with a sale overview report, unless other arrangements have been made.

How long does the process take?
We will schedule the date of the sale at the signing of the Agreement based on your desired timeline and our current sale/work schedule. Ideally, we would need around two weeks to prepare for and advertise and promote your sale, but we understand the need to move fast. The sale itself will run two days depending on the level of quantity and quality of the items for sale. Most sales are two days, with the second day being discount day. Our sales are offered only on Saturday and Sunday. We do not offer Friday sales - best practices show that estate sales are considerably more successful if held on Saturday and Sunday. With Sunday being Discount Day, we are able to sell more and increase your bottom line. Post sale arrangements should be completed within a a few days following the estate sale (if applicable). We encourage you to call us early! Our weekends and schedules fill up quickly, so call early to discuss and begin the process.

What happens to unsold items?
Unsold items are disposed of per an optional arrangement with us prior to the sale at the signing of the Agreement. You have several options that we will walk you through. Donations are one of the most popular options and a tax receipt may be obtained. Learn more under our Services

Are you insured?
Yes. We hold a $2 million liability insurance policy. We are covered and so are you.

Do I need to be present?
This process is often difficult for client(s) or family members to witness, so most choose to stay away throughout the process, particularly the days of the public sale. However, clients are certainly welcome to be present during the process. The decision is strictly up to you.

Have questions? Please call Jonathan Wells anytime for further details and information. We will be happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.